Help! Some users cannot see the values of a managed metadata column?

SharePoint metadata

Sometimes it so happens that a user cannot view the values of a managed metadata column, even if the user has been granted permissions to the library or file. This simply means that the user is still missing permissions, how strange this may sound. The cause? SharePoint operates with a hidden list inĀ  which it stores all metadata for the impacted sitecollection. And as it may turn out, your user doesn’t have access to it!

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Let visitors comment on your blog

SharePoint - Welcome to my blog

Let’s say you have a blog site rolled out. And all company users are granted access through the visitors group. You have assigned read permissions to this group, to make sure everybody can read the blog posts. So far so good, all users can read your blog!

There is a good chance that you set up your blog like this to prevent all users from creating new blog posts, as you want to limit this right to a certain amount of people. ThatĀ can make perfect sense, only are you hereby preventing all users to comment on your blog posts too. While it can be a good idea to limit the amount of blog posters, you might want to give all people a chance to comment on those posts nonetheless. In this post I’ll show you how to do this.

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